So the website is back up and running after being hacked…

I really don’t know why little ol’ me got hacked – I haven’t done anything to anyone and to be honest a lot of what’s doing the rounds in the media I’m just as miffed about one way or the other, but my business is me trying to make a living and provide for my family with NO help from charities or government so giving me a frustrating weekend is pointless to your cause, adds to my misery and lessens the likelihood I’m going to give you and your ideals my support so give yourself a pat on the back if you’re responsible for taking over my site last week, I bet your parents are SO proud – if you’ve got the balls to tell them that is…

In the meantime, I’m aware I have some orders to process which will be with you soon if you’re one of those waiting and I am grateful for your custom – thank you.  Please rest assured that your payment info is safe with Paypal and your details have not been compromised as my site database was not accessed.

The last problem I have is updating all the images which is proving harder to do than expected as there’s no quick fix.  I will persevere and get there soon hopefully.

All systems go!!!

Well the last three years in the salon have taught me lots

  • I like waxing
  • I love doing a good job and getting reviews
  • couch roll is for couches, covering surfaces and cleaning!
  • most people are lovely…
  • …and a really small handful will think nothing of wasting someone else’s time 🙁
  • time may be money, but my time is precious to me

BUT having turned my back on a long history of working in mail order I have also recognised there’s no reason I cannot combine the two, this time with products relevant to waxing and personal care that would benefit my clients’ treatments AND help them get great prices for all those birthday and Christmas smellies everyone buys!  So far on the shop there are products from Perron Rigot, The Bluebeards Revenge, Below the Belt Grooming and several brands of make-up and skin-care that come under the Ultraglow umbrella – Ultraglow Bronzing, Beauty Without Cruelty, Crowe’s Cremine, Magic Lips, Lipstains Gold and Young & Pure. None of the consumables offered from any of these brands are tested on animals.

I decided to supply all the Ultraglow brands which are at least 100% vegetarian.  The Beauty Without Cruetly ranges are certified 100% vegan so you can buy these with peace of mind.  The BWC Naturals range is also 100% free from fragrance, carmine, talc, parabens, PEG (Polyethylene glycol), toulene, phthalate and formaldehyde.  This is my mum’s favourite make-up brand and has been since the late 70’s/early 80’s so she’s definitely a bit of an ambassador!

Perfumes, aftershaves and the associated gift sets are all on their way, it’s purely down to me having the time to add everything and as you can imagine there are a lot of brands, most offering multiple options so if you’d like me to add something for you to buy sooner rather than later let me know and I’ll add it to the priority list I’ve got going already.

If you’d like to request a PDF of the fragrance price list please email or Facebook message me so I can reply with it. You can easily place your order this way and receive a Paypal invoice with any discount you qualify already applied.

Existing clients will be receiving their own personalised coupon code to use with the site which entitles them to a discount on everything except waxing treatments (sorry people!).  To qualify you must have been to me at least twice in the last year and that must remain the case for your coupon to continue to work.  If you haven’t received a coupon code and feel you should have please get in touch.