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Your first appointment will include a short chat to discuss your consultation form and ensure there are no reasons why you should not be waxed. It is important you are honest with me as there are some conditions and medications which will mean you cannot be waxed – this is for your own safety.  Please appreciate that as a professional I will not wax you if it is not safe to do so, for your good health and my reputation and peace of mind.

Ideally the hair you wish to be waxed needs to be at least around 8mm in length, being shorter will make it more uncomfortable, take longer and may not achieve the best finish.
Please arrive on time for your appointment to ensure you receive the waxing you have booked.  All my clients are equally important to me and I aim to offer you all the same great, timely service.
Please also ensure you are relatively fresh and clean which will give you a better end result and be much nicer for me too!
There is no reason for you to be self-conscious – I am no skinny minny but I have been a few stones heavier in the past and believe me, I’m not looking at the size of your belly, bum or bits!  The areas you want me to wax need to be bare otherwise it’s just not going to happen!

The best thing you can do is relax and let me do my job.  If you tense up while being waxed it will definitely hurt more, so I emphasize RELAX!  Some people take a couple of paracetamols or similar a short while before their waxing appointment – this is not something I necessarily advocate, but if you feel you’d benefit then that is up to you. The temporary discomfort associated with waxing varies from person to person but usually the more you get waxed and the older you get this diminishes as the hair is less well rooted and finer.  By the time I’ve completed your treatment you’ll not be thinking about the sensation of having your hairs pulled from their roots but more about the smooth skin left behind!

For each client I use a new pair of disposable gloves (latex-free) and sterilize my equipment and treatment couch. With the Covid-19 pandemic I am also now required to wear a visor and a mask - picture a golfing Catwoman and you'd be massively off the mark! The only thing I will ask you to do during your appointment is turn over if required – you will not need to help me in any way, I do everything so you can chat away or just close your eyes and chill out if you want.  I will also give you aftercare advice to help you get the best from your waxing between appointments.

Payments are accepted by cash and card (through my booking system). When you book in online you put your card details in and at the end of your treatment if you'd like to use your card to pay I can charge it via the system.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

When it comes to exfoliating everyone likes different methods, frequencies and levels of roughness. What this usually translates to is they’ve tried one method, noticed an improvement in their skin and haven’t varied it since!

I’m sure I’m not alone in the ‘often and gentle’ camp. I’ve managed to change the habits of some clients who used to suffer with a lot of ingrowns – commonly on the legs for women, the belt line for men, and the intimate areas for both. I find most male clients quite amenable with aftercare, especially newbies who come in eager to maintain their new look.

So, top tips for post-wax skin care:
• Don’t exfoliate for the first couple of days.
◦ The last thing you want to be doing is rubbing open pores. They’ve just been waxed, they’re exfoliated enough for now!
• Don’t have super hot baths or showers.
◦ Hot water dries the skin out. If possible have a cold blast for couple of seconds at the end of a shower to help close the pores.
• Gently does it!
◦ You don’t need to go at skin like you’re grating cheese! Making yourself really red or if you’ve a darker skin tone marking yourself by scrubbing too hard can cause pigmentation issues just like when you have a scratch or insect bite. A circular motion is best too as it hinders harsh scrubbing, exfoliates from every angle and is good for circulation which will promote healthy skin from the inside out.
• Daily exfoliation is best as you’re doing it gently.
◦ There’s no great build-up of dead skin, make-up, products or pollution to get rid of. Hairs don’t grow inwards as they can push straight through beyond the surface. Clients aren’t always great at implementing our advice so clients – please listen, therapists – please persevere without nagging!
• Moisturise!
◦ After a bath or shower with freshly buffed skin don’t dry yourself completely. Leave the skin damp as now is the time to trap all that lovely hydration into the skin. This is what moisturising is all about. If using multiple skin care products use them in the right order, i.e. oil after lotion as the lotion won’t penetrate the oil. If you’re using a particular brand or system check their advice to get the best results.

Benefits of regular, gentle exfoliation and moisturising:
• Softer, smoother skin
• A healthy glow now all the surface build-up has gone
• Less/no ingrown hairs
• Tans are extended without too much effort as the moisturised skin doesn’t flake off as quickly.

Thanks for reading, I hope you find the above useful.

There’s all sorts of crap going in the world all the time and society’s reaction to it is to try to invoke change.
If you look at political correctness it’s all about ensuring no one is offended or victimised. Whether intentionally or not. Why can’t everyone just be nice to everyone else? Is that really so hard to do? No, but not everyone is nice by default.
That said, the equalitarian in me wants to make something very clear.
I have clients of all ages who come to me with disabilities. Some are blind, a couple have had accidents leaving them with injuries to overcome. I’ve got a guy with mobility issues who comes in with two crutches. Those who walk amongst us fighting their own hidden battles may be dealing with depression, bi-polar disorder, an addiction to anything (it’s not just drugs and alcohol… there’s food, sugar, sex, adrenaline even). There’s plenty of Joe Publics with missing limbs, cerebral palsy and other similarly intrusive conditions they have always had to deal with. All of these people who are fully compus mentus have equal rights to experience, enjoy, learn, and dislike if they so choose everything the non-disabled get to partake in.
I suppose I just want to make it perfectly clear to anyone browsing my posts that nothing listed above prohibits you being waxed if you choose to be and I will never turn you away because of any of them. I will need to enquire about medications and their side effects and you may have related conditions which might mean it’s not safe to wax you but I’ll only refuse if it’s medically not advisable to go ahead.
As a waxer and educator I aim to be as inclusive as it is possible for me to be. I can’t proclaim to offer classes in Portuguese for instance as I can’t speak a word of it but I will be as receptive and honest as I can be. Will I willingly teach someone with Parkingson’s to wax? Yes. Do I think it’s a good way for you to spend your money? No. It’s unlikely I’ll be able to pass you if you can’t complete the practical requirements of the course. Is it fair? No, but unfortunately that’s life a lot of the time but I’m not going to lie to you just to make some money.
When I was a teenager I had the opportunity through school to volunteer on what were labelled then as playschemes for handicapped children. You know what? We had a blast and I made some lifelong friends along the way too. I’ve always wanted to learn BSL (British Sign Language) and never got around to it. I do still remember some Makaton signs and I do know the alphabet in BSL. If you’re deaf and reading this and you want a wax I’m happy to communicate any which way we can.
When it comes to teaching, students learn via different methods. Some are visual, some are avid note takers, some may need to physically repeat the tasks they’re learning over and over and over again then suddenly it sinks in and they have an Eliza moment! By George, she’s got it! (That’s a My Fair Lady reference for any who don’t get it!) My point is we’re all individuals and this is something that needs to be very quickly evaluated if you’re only attending a short course. Whatever suits you though is fine – don’t let people who differ make you feel inadequate.
As far as I’m concerned your race, creed, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, parental status, able-bodiedness or anything else have no relevance as to whether I will treat you with the same respect I believe everyone deserves – but if you’re not very nice to me we’ll definitely have a problem!

For thousands of years the human race has been evolving and bettering itself. At the root of our motivations is an instinctive drive for procreation and finding a mate to facilitate that need. This is where our vanity comes in! 

Now let me just say that this applies to people of any sexual orientation and gender identity. You don’t need to be heterosexual to have kids. You don’t even need to want kids to want a partner to share your life with. You do generally need to make the best of what you’ve got to achieve either or both though – Miss Universe is going to have no interest if you smell like you shower once a quarter and likewise you’re not going to want to smack lips if those gnashers she’s flashing are black and crumbling.

Traditionally women have blazed the trail in hair removal to make themselves look and feel more feminine – more appealing as the fairer sex if you will. I bet Cleopatra didn’t waft around braided armpit hair to woo Mark Anthony anymore than Elizabeth Taylor let her leg hair be free in the early stages of each courtship she ventured into!
In all seriousness, the Egyptians were a dedicated bunch and disliked hair so much they often removed every last strand. This apparently was then considered a class indicator and everyone wanted to be flashing the biggest proverbial truck.

Coming back to the present, body hair is considered a masculine trait and while I dare say a majority of straight women (talking from experience here guys!) prefer men with some body hair, we do tend to like it to be kept in check. No bushy brows, furry ears or groins like forests please! I haven’t done extensive research to provide detailed data across the genders and preferences, I’m just going by what I know to be the case from the majority of conversations I have with clients. I have lots of clients who get sent in by their partners either because they visually prefer a waxed, manscaped or combination look. *Glancing around to see who’s looking before typing* Let’s be honest here – it’s often because they just don’t want a mouthful of hair if you know what I mean!

Moving swiftly along there’s another reason guys and gals like to wax – for hygiene purposes. Some guys get really hairy bums - picture trying to clean up some trodden in chocolate spread from a nice deep shag pile… see where this is going? That chocolatey aroma’s going to linger longer than if it was wiped up off some easy clean vinyl!

People often ask me if I get lots of gay guys, strippers, bodybuilders, insert any group with a preconceived type and you get the idea. Let me say, waxing is for everyone. I get people from every predefined group and I welcome them all. As long as you are over 18, a competent adult, and it is medically sound to remove your hair with wax then waxing is for you. Please note I do reserve the right to refuse anyone who behaves inappropriately or makes me feel threatened in any way but it’s never happened yet so don’t be that person!

On that note I think that’s it for today. Isn’t it lucky us waxers are here to protect the nostrils of those you wish to impress and encourage those you love to get a bit closer and lots more personal!

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